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Limited Lifetime Warranty


Blueprint Frameless Showers warrants solely to the original consumer purchaser that material and workmanship will be free of defects and will perform properly.



Blueprint Frameless Showers agrees to repair or replace any material that may prove defective with the exception of any glass faults, including scratches and chips that are not reported within the first 24 hours after installation. Breakage will not be covered under this warranty. In addition, any warpage that may occur on the glass due to tempering, will not be warrantied if it is within industry allowed tolerance.



Blueprint Frameless Showers will offer free service calls under this limited lifetime warranty for wear and tear issues outlined herein: hinge adjustments, vinyl seals, reapplication of silicone and loose handles. All other service calls will be subject to a $50 service fee.



Blueprint Frameless Showers is not liable for conditions caused by misuse or abuse, failure to clean or maintain glass which results in hard water stains or any structural changes to surrounding installed areas that might cause damage, including any acts of God. In addition, Blueprint Frameless Showers is not responsible for issues that arise due to items inside the walls. This includes, but is not limited to, water pipes, electrical wiring and insufficient mounting support.



Blueprint Frameless Showers does not warranty for leakage around the door area of a frameless shower enclosure. Leakage that occurs around any stationary panel will be addressed to the best of our ability, free of charge. Any leakage that results from the use of a shower wand, body jets, improperly sloped shower curbs/lips or similar workmanship defects will not be covered under this warranty.



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